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HR Florida Hosts Legislative Conference and Sponsors Capital Report during Legislative Session

By Chad Sorenson

The Florida Legislature is in session once a year and spends two months focused on drafting legislation and setting the budget for the next fiscal year.  Over the past decade, HR Florida has actively participated in the process by hosting a Legislative Conference to advocate on behalf of HR professionals and employers from across the state.

Additionally, HR Florida has regularly sponsored Capital Report, a news program that provides information on issues that affect the lives of everyday Floridians.  The program airs weekly during the year but broadcasts each weekday during the legislative session.  As a sponsor, HR Florida helps ensure that Capital Report, produced by WFSU and other Florida public radio stations, can continue to cover news from Tallahassee.

As HR professionals, we should all take an interest in the legislative activities at both the federal and state levels.  The decisions made in Washington and Tallahassee impact our company activities and the lives of our employees.  Sponsoring Capital Report during the legislative session each year also allows HR Florida the opportunity to promote the HR profession and grow an awareness to the impact we have on Florida’s economy.

You can listen to Capital Report each Friday during the year, and every weeknight during the session on your local public radio station.  Check local listings for the exact time and station in your area.  Additionally, this year Capital Report will be available as a podcast so if you miss the program on the radio, you can catch it online.  Capital Report | WFSU News

HR Florida’s sponsorship can be heard on Mondays during the 2023 legislative session, on the Friday statewide broadcasts, and be seen on the Capital Report podcast webpage during the session.

To learn more about becoming active in the advocacy process within HR Florida, check out our resource page: State Legislative Affairs – HR Florida State Council